Melanie Pretorius

Melanie Pretorius serves as the French and Latin 3 teacher at Innova. She completed the Concurrent Education program at York University and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and Spanish. She has her intermediate/senior qualifications in French and Spanish and completed her TEFL training at the University of Toronto. Melanie’s classroom experience includes assistant teaching and teaching English in Barcelona to students aged 3-11. Since returning from Spain, Melanie has been tutoring students in Grades 3-11 in various subjects including French, math, science and language arts/reading. She also works as a translator and trilingual customer service representative for a tech support company in Newmarket. Melanie’s areas of service include youth ministry at a church in Keswick, and young adults ministry at her church in Aurora. She also served in the nursery at her church for over 10 years and served in the children’s ministry at her church in Spain. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys listening to classical and worship music, going for walks, reading, drawing, travelling, and spending time with her bird – or any other animal for that matter!
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