School Supplies

Parents are responsible for purchasing school supplies for their child(ren) for the 2020-2021 school year. This is the first year personal student supplies have not been included in tuition, and this is timely with students needing to keep personal supplies completely separate during school reopening.  Please download the appropriate lists below and note the following general considerations.

  • LABEL ALL ITEMS. All items purchased (including backpacks, lunch boxes, etc., and all school supply items) should be without cartoon characters/pop culture references and should be clearly labelled.
  • Teachers may request school supply items to be replenished or new items to be purchased as needed during the year.
  • New supplies are not required – we encourage families to reuse items whenever possible.
  • COVID-19 student supplies.  With the evolving announcements and guidelines, COVID-related supplies needs are in flux.  A student COVID supply list will be posted shortly.


Download Art Supply List (JK – 8)

Download JK Supply List

Download SK Supply List

Download Grade 1 Supply List

Download Grade 2 Supply List

Download Grade 3 Supply List

Download Grade 4 Supply List

Download Grade 5-8 Supply List

Download Grade 9-11 Supply List



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