Melinda Morris

Melinda Morris earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor and a Bachelor of Education for primary and junior divisions from Queen’s University. Melinda completed three years at Bible school in Hamilton and graduated as the valedictorian. She has over seventeen years of experience teaching preschool and kindergarten, including teaching kindergarten in Thailand. Melinda also worked and lived in a community for three years in one of Bangkok’s largest slums to bring drug addicts, prostitutes, youth, and children the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She wrote a book titled, For the Love of Learning – Working with Underprivileged Children, which is used as a resource by Thai educators in slum areas. Melinda enjoys traveling, meeting new people, outdoor activities, playing her guitar, singing, reading and eating a variety of international foods. She is active in her church and serves in various capacities on the worship and prayer teams as well as in local outreach and evangelism. Above all, Melinda looks forward to quiet and quality time with the Lord.
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