What parents are saying about Innova


“It’s hard to sum up all the ways that we are grateful for Innova. The teachers are excellent. The community is welcoming. The curriculum is rich and engaging. But if I would identify the one thing that we are most grateful for, it would be this: our children are thriving. They absolutely love going to school, not just to see their friends, but to learn. That is an incredible achievement, and Innova has done it all with our kids in an environment that glorifies God and presses the gospel into the hearts of its students.”

Josh and Nina Tong


“Since our daughter started Innova Academy, we have watched her develop a sincere passion and love for learning.  She thrives in this learning environment and at 5 years old expressed her love of art, science, geography and language!  We are constantly impressed as she shares with us what she is learning and we are so thankful that she is developing a practice to see God in everything – not just on Sunday.  What we feel is unique and critical about Innova Academy is the intentionality around creating future leaders and individuals who shape culture rather than being shaped by culture.  It is amazing that our daughter is a part of this.  We highly recommend Innova Academy and believe by sending our daughter here that we are investing in her future the best way we can.”

Paul & Jennie Nadeau


“When we were introduced to Innova’s classical Christian curriculum, we were immediately convinced of its value. It has been so gratifying to see our children come home excited to be learning about historical figures and cultures, composers and hymns, and great works of literature. More importantly, all subjects focus on the truth of the Gospel and, through sound Biblical instruction and apologetics, the teachers and staff partner with us to equip our children to be strong Christians in the community. The smaller class sizes and individual attention our daughter and son receive have really helped them flourish. We truly feel blessed to be a part of the Innova family.”

Arden and Pamela Fischer


“We have a habit of putting on the Jeopardy game show during dinner. Occasionally, our oldest son in high school would blurt out the right response, followed by, “O yeah! I just learned this.” Of course, education is much more than doing well in trivia. We did struggle with whether to continue to send him to Innova high school but we are so glad we did! Teenagers may have different ideas about their education, but wise parents would know that building their character is paramount. We believe education at Innova, from elementary to high school, will pay off multiple folds long after our children have graduated. Marks are important but one’s Christian character, worldview, and values are fundamental. Innova Academy has been God’s gift to our family, the value of which we are only beginning to realize.”

Vincent and Brenda Tsui

Innova Academy