Why Choose Innova?

It puts God back into the classroom as Teacher

Innova argues that God is extremely relevant and central to all learning. It unashamedly acknowledges the redemptive cross of Jesus, and all knowledge is understood through this.

It’s classical. It is not limited to a decade or century of modern perspective

It is the same method used for thousands of years by the history’s greatest educators and thinkers. “Classical education is the authoritative, traditional, and enduring form of education, begun by the Greeks and Romans, developed through history and now being renewed and recovered in the 21st century” – Perrin.

It is not bound by the Ontario Ministry curriculum

It works to surpass provincial expectations and master content in a purposeful way. For example, history is integrated throughout the curriculum in chronological order, rather than in disjointed snippets by leaping throughout the centuries confined to “history class.” Grade 2 Innova students delve into the beginning of recorded history, early nomads, Ancient Egypt, India and China. Grade 3 students study Ancient Greece, Rome and the early Mayans, and Grade 4 students start with the fall of Rome and discover Medieval and Renaissance history. This is done throughout integrated language, history, bible and art classes known as “culture.”

Its core goal is not academic

Innova’s mission is to shape the heart, because what the child ultimately loves will direct him or her. For “to educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” – Roosevelt. Innova desires to see hearts formed to love God first and desire his kingdom, and their love for God then shapes their worldview.

It does not shelter students

Innova exposes students to globally prominent ideas from the past and present. Rather than provide a protective bubble that insulates students from thoughts and ideas contradictory to what God desires for his people, Innova inoculates, or purposefully exposes students, equipping them with the tools to navigate through the difficult issues they will eventually come up against.

It is a unique Christian School

It does not try to match the public alternative and then add Bible classes and chapel to make it “Christian.” At Innova, the Bible is the backbone; it is the “thread” that is woven throughout the extensive academic content and tapestry of knowledge.

It believes children have tremendous learning potential

Innova teaches to the students’ best ability and provides them with the necessary support to reach their God-given potential.

It tailors its program to a child’s development and not age

Students are assessed on readiness when they apply and are placed appropriately to ensure individual success. The primary grades focus on learning a large amount of content, because these students are capable of life-long retention. From Grade 6, the students are taught formal logic and then are encouraged to analyse arguments and defend ideas.

It strives for quality and excellence

It does not use out-dated texts that are too expensive to replace. A priority on ongoing training enables teachers to continually hone their craft. Curriculum experts extensively research the best resources on the market to ensure all programs are, indeed, excellent. Innova’s leadership actively supports the teachers to be students of excellence and life-long learners themselves.

It extends learning beyond the classroom

Observing a pond ecosystem, making a model of the spinal cord, and meeting a “real knight” are integral at Innova. Frequent opportunities for learning outside of the classroom are a key part of the curriculum, and Innova celebrates various traditions (i.e. Viking Day, A Walk Through History Day, A Knighting Ceremony) that bring learning to life.

Innova Academy