Why Study Latin?

Many people ask, “Why would you teach a dead language?  Wouldn’t your students benefit more from studying a language they can use?”  These are valid and important questions. Innova Academy endeavors to ensure that all areas of study are not only academically rich, but relevant and worthwhile. We are convinced there are many compelling reasons to include Latin in your child’s education.

Latin study improves English vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. Since approximately 50% of English vocabulary originates from Latin, knowing the meaning of one Latin word allows students to derive the definitions of multiple English words. Knowledge of Latin grammar enhances students’ understanding of how language is structured, improving proficiency in English grammar. Reading and writing Latin is an exercise in succinctness and precision, both of which are important communication skills. Thus, Latin study inherently helps students refine their writing style.

Knowledge of Latin facilitates the study of other languages.  Latin is the foundation of all romance languages, which includes French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Students with a background in Latin have a powerful advantage learning these languages.

Furthermore, the study of Latin enhances analytical and critical thinking skills. Latin grammar requires clear and systematic thinking, demanding precision and attention to detail.  Students of Latin receive practice exercising these important intellectual tools.

Is studying Latin worth the time and effort?  We believe the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes’! The benefits of studying Latin reach across almost every area of learning, and it is therefore a vital component of Innova Academy’s comprehensive liberal arts education.

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