Why establish a classical Christian school?

Innova Academy was founded upon the desire of a group of concerned parents and educators to address the need for a school that will provide a thorough and expansive academic education, impart a solid grounding in the Christian faith, and prepare students with the communication skills they need to effectively engage the culture. We believe that the classical model of education is the best way to meet these goals.

What do you mean by classical and Christian?

By classical we mean that we adhere to the methodology of the trivium, seeking to teach all subjects in a manner consistent with the appropriate developmental stage of the child. By Christian we mean that we uphold the tenants of the Christian faith as outlined in the Apostles’ Creed. All aspects of our curriculum are founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview. For a fuller explanation of classical Christian education refer to this article.

Who is eligible for enrollment at Innova Academy?

Innova Academy will admit students entering junior kindergarten to grade twelve for the 2024-2025 school year. Criteria for admission include academic ability, family support, and parental adherence to the Christian faith as outlined in our statement of faith. See our Admissions pages.

Is classical education only for academically gifted children?

Classical education is both rich and challenging for academically gifted students and accessible to those students with average academic ability.

How large are your classes?

Innova Academy values smaller class sizes but reserves the right to determine class size limits based on various needs within each classroom.

How much homework should my child expect?

The homework load varies from twenty minutes per night in kindergarten, to approximately 50 minutes per night in grade eight.

How do you view technology in the classroom?

We believe that technology can play a positive role in learning. We use technology as a component of our pedagogy to enrich the educational experience. Students are taught to responsibly and effectively use technology for such things as research, writing composition, and presentations.

Will my child be able to successfully transition to a public school should the need arise?

The curriculum at Innova Academy exceeds the rigors of the public school curriculum. It is expected that students will not experience academic difficulty should they transition into a public school.

Do you provide extra-curricular activities?

We believe that extra-curricular activities are an important part of student life. As enrolment allows, Innova will offer musical, academic, and sporting teams and clubs. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities as long as participation does not hinder academic performance.

Why are students required to wear uniforms?

We believe that uniforms encourage respect, order, excellence, and a sense of school community. See the Uniforms page for information on purchasing school uniforms.

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