School uniforms play an important role in creating a school culture conducive to learning and an environment that reflects a high standard of excellence. It is well established that school uniforms raise academic performance, reduce absenteeism, and improve student behaviour. Uniforms also foster a strong sense of unity and belonging. Our uniform provides Innova students a distinct and visible identity within our community. All uniform items can be purchased from either Uniform Basics or Lands’ End.

Uniform Basics

Order Online:  www.uniformbasics.com
By Phone:  905-726-1215
By Email:  orders@uniformbasics.com
In Person:  255 Industrial Parkway South · Aurora · Ontario · L4G 3V5

Lands’ End

Order Online:  www.landsend.com (using our preferred school number at Lands’ End, 900191040)
By Phone or Text:  1-800-963-4816

Additional Guidelines
  • Uniforms should appear clean and neat at all times.
  • If an undershirt is worn, it should be white and not be visible underneath the uniform shirt. Long sleeved undershirts should not be worn under short sleeved uniform items.
  • Girls in the lower school are asked to purchase black biker shorts to wear under their jumper, dresses, or skirts.
  • All dresses and skirts should be a maximum of two inches above the mid knee.
  • Pants should be in good repair and should not sit above the ankle. Pants or shorts with holes must be repaired or replaced.
  • School uniforms must not be torn, have holes, or fit poorly (either too loosely or too tightly).
  • All students must keep their hair neatly groomed, of natural colour (but may be dyed), and conservatively styled. Hair should be kept or trimmed out of the eyes, so as not to interfere with eye contact or line of vision. Male students must wear their hair neatly above the collar line and around the ears. Hair accessories should match the uniform colours (grey, white, navy, and black). Boys are not permitted to wear hair accessories.
  • All hats and earphones must be removed upon entering the school building.
  • Makeup for females (if worn) should be simple, neutral, and tasteful.
  • Earrings may be worn by female students only. Earrings should not be worn on the face (nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow, etc.) Any jewelry should be simple, tasteful, and compliment the uniform.
  • Tattoos (temporary or permanent) should not be visible at any time.
  • The school uniform is to be worn from the time the student arrives at school until the student leaves the parking lot at the end of the day.


  • All-black, including the sole and laces, dress shoes or runners are required.
  • Students should wear shoes that are comfortable and practical.
  • Students may wear their black runners on any day but are required to wear runners for PE classes (and all-black shoes or runners on PE days.). Soles must be non-marking.
  • Students are required to wear a suitable pair of outdoor shoes for current weather conditions; indoor shoes should not be worn for outdoor play in snow/wet conditions.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.


  • Solid black socks or black leggings that are worn with black socks and do not show ankles or legs with the tunic or skirt may be worn.
Requirements for Field Trips
  • Dress and regular uniforms are required for field trips and certain school events (to be specified).

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