The Classical Program and an OSSD

In order to preserve our core classical tradition within the biblical worldview, we decided not to become an inspected secondary school in Ontario which grants Ontario credits. However, we know earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is important to parents and students when considering university acceptance, so we continue to happily support our students in obtaining both an Innova diploma and an OSSD with Innova’s coursework through a direct school partnership with Virtual High School (VHS), a private school with official credit granting authority.

Students will receive an official Innova transcript with course codes and content that meet or exceed Ontario curricular objectives, which will be applied toward Ontario credit equivalencies (noted as EQV on the VHS transcript).  Innova’s course outlines have been approved by VHS to gain credit to prepare them for seven Ontario credits (six grade 12) with VHS in partnership with our teachers. With this partnership, Innova’s students will be entered into the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) with all graduating students from public school in Ontario.

Both compulsory and elective credits are earned from grades 9-12 at Innova, including three chronological courses in history (ancient, medieval, and modern), theology, logic, and rhetoric: these are all key skills and knowledge that will help equip our students with both an OSSD and a robust classical program which shapes these students’ thinking and worldview, so they can affect change in and beyond the high school years, renewing the culture around them.

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