Kate Whatley

Kate Whatley graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Liberty University’s Honors Program, specializing in elementary education with minors in Math and Global Studies. Having a heart for missions fostered by service in the Dominican Republic, Kate entered university to study mechanical engineering and become a full-time missionary. Realizing her passion to care for children and their hearts and minds, a passion that had been fostered in her all along, and through the Lord’s guidance, Kate transferred into education in her second year. Focusing on a new mission field at home, Kate takes her early exposure and love of history and literature through classical education and her course focus in math and sciences into her own classroom to develop minds tending towards logic, creativity, and clarity, and hearts leaning towards hope, faith, and love. Kate loves literature, especially from the late 18th into the 19th century, gardening (vegetables, flowers, succulents, and herbs), creating (visual arts, photography, crochet and quilts), and helping on the family farm.
Innova Academy